Monday 3 July 2023

Tragedy Titan or a Foolishness

          Tragedy Titan   or a  Foolishness

 TITANIC Never ever put your life at stake just for fun

,,,you might be  very wise person on this Earth ,you might be very rich ,but never ever put your life at stake just for fun ,,,and in case fun is some how connected with the word Titanic then say no clearly,,,,

.... ,No one knows which curse is connected with word Titanic ,that whenever some see related ship or submarine goes in see with titan or titanic name ,soon  meet their end.

कभी भी मौजमस्ती के लिए अपना जीवन दांव  पर न लगाए TITANIC Never ever put your life at stake just for fun

 tragedy titan   or a  foolishness 


Titanic  ship ,

टाइटैनिक  शिप के मलबे को देखने के लिए 

This is not a act of bravery if one puts his or her life at stake just for fun ,It is only a big foolishness,some multi Billaniars on 18th of june bought tickets for rs cr 20000000 per person to see debris of Titanic which had sunk 111 years before in the see 

    this submarine was built by ocean gate company  titan   

  to see the debries of lost died TITANIC SHIP in the depth of 13000 feet,

the submarine went down and sunk in some time 

का कनेक्शन बाहर  से टूट गया। समुन्दर में इतनी अधिक गहरायी में जो प्रेशर था  coneection of submarine was broke outer word ,there was a huge pressure in such a depth of ocean 

 and sub marine could not bear that much pressure and implosion happened 


due to which all million billionaire died,some news says that  they all were told that it was an experimental work.... 

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