Sunday 30 July 2023

baba henga

These are purely my own thoughts ,I strongly Intute that what ever I am writting here is definately going to happen soon, soon mean in next 1oo years , men are behaving like women, women are trying to behave like men but simultaneously want to be known women

Plant seeds of love and kindness tree of humanity will grow and rain of peace will bless all


Big behavioral change has occured in the nature's of men and women in last 100 of years but as we all know ,
By behaving like men by women, their coromosomes will nor attain the configuration of instability, and by behaving like women by men ,their cormosomes as well as their hearts will not really and naturally  becomes the hearts of women , 
Creator's programming is immune to any geniuses,can't be altered by any mean or way , 

Seed's core parameters ,values and programming of the sky can't be changed, after 100 years 
Again there will be a revolution and it will take back all 200years, again natural natures will dominate over men and women , 
पाप और पुण्य का पौधा हर व्यक्ति अपने साथ जन्म से ही ले कर आता है  ,,अब इस जन्म में वो इस पौधे में कितनी नई पाप पुण्य की खाद डालता , है konae पाप या पुण्य कर्म के पानी से सींचता है ये us pr निर्भर krta hai , उसी अनुसार उसे सुख दुख धन रूपी माया  फल के रूप में मिलते चले जाते है