Wednesday 18 November 2015

GOD tusi great ho

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We all know that there are full forms of English words like
GOD : generator operator destroyer
WIFE: worries invited for ever

 We will rarely find  full form of any ancient,oldest Hindi word .
There is a full form of oldest Hindi word
The full form of  Bhagwan  is
Bha:::  Bhumi   (Earth)
Ga  ::: Gagan   (Sky)
Va  :::  Vayu     (Air)
Aa  :::  Agni      (Fire)
Na  ::: Neer      (Water)

Today what we all are doing ,with our full strength POLLUTING,
Depleting,destroying,and degrading OUR  REAL BHAGVAN.
Our that bhagvan who charge nothing for each and everything They provide us

We all know that we are consist of five elements air,fire,water,earth and sky.
EARTH is  70% water and rest is other form,,, human being 70% water and
Rest is other solid .,,,,
IS it a coincident that the full form of bhagwaan is  these five elements.
We with our full strength disturbing the natural balance between them
And what is happening with us we all are living disturbed lives today.if
We will keep peace with our real (air,fire,water,earth and sky)
 gods, our these Gods will  put peace and prosperity in our lives.

So the conclusion is we must,at every cost ,from right now should stop
Our all those activities which are disturbing our bhagwaan,otherwise
what will happen Our generations will never forgive us .

my old aunty in my childhood once told me we must not waste water
because water is god, I could not understand it at that time but now i
can understand what she actually wanted to tell me. Today what we
see everywhere people waste water like anything, cutting tree like
anything,polluting all water resources so badly as if we will never need
them in future.

1. we  are removing jungles (deforesting),disturbing at alarming rate to
     flora and fauna
2. we are running hundreds of projects on Himalayas.(dev bhumi),,, where
    we are not supposed to remove even a single stone scientifically
     as well as theologically.
3. we on the name of townships  converting fertile lands(khets) into towns
    So rapidly as if our generations will not be able to do any thing.they will be the
     Idle people or we don’t want to leave any work or land for them.
4. we are catching fish at such alarming rate from in the see that a report of scientists
    Say that there will be no fish in the see after 30 years.
5. we are  making see water ,,see waterrr,,,,   impossible for see creatures.
    Ask how:::
6. we  took 30 years to understand that polythene is not good for our health ,,
    For our environment, for our cows and other animals,, for our water bodies
    ,, for our oceans also .now polythene has entered into every pore of our
    mother earth .now we are thinking of banning it, no logic can make us
   understand that our researchers ,scholars ,scientists,, educationalist,, leaders
   ,,environmentalist did not know what havoc this plastic polythene will cause,,,.


These air ,water, sky, earth ,and fire are the ministries of Big Gods on earth,,,
These ministries Keep on sending datas of our deeds good or bad to the
computers of big Gods,they also send data of our regular deeds of how much
we try to keep our resources in good condition, and how much we do wrong
deeds to destroy them,,,,according to their reports we get tensions(problems) and
happinesses on daily basis,, when we  are in trouble we go to astrologers ,, they
say us to perform  havan,, pour water on shivling,,pour water on peeple tree...
feed cows feed crows  feed fish,,,etc..........there are such thousands of deeds
mentioned in our scriptures ,, the main aim of all these deeds is to keep our
 whole earth’s ecosystem fit and fine,mean to keep our real gods air earth, wather
etc happy.

Our ancestors had deep knowledge of every thing whether it was astrology or
Or medicines etc  ,,how it was possible without the highly accurate instruments just as
today we have..The answer  is ,they were very near the nature or we can say they
were very near the visible real gods we in Hindi say bhagwan. Even  today  when
we Hindus do or perform any religious ritual  we do sankalp(                   ) take water
in both hands bowl ,,,why we do so because our Vedas say water is visible possible
god whom we can make our witness that we are doing this  activity.


 We  all worship Gods in one form or other in the world ,in India we call
 Bhagwan to God. Some worship Brahma some Vishnu and some Mhaesh
 Some Jejus criest ,but in fact we all forget the real sense of worshiping