Sunday 1 December 2019

Be Safe , A poem on driving rules

Look at the road
It is so broad
Zebra crossing so long
and traffic lights all along
Look to your left
look to your right
then move on to
reach the other side
Follow speed limits
For family's mirth
Or be ready
For the new birth
Always follow speed/
limits /instructions
otherwise you will /
see destruction /
be finished
Wear your seatbelt
while you drive
No one will ask you
for a  chalan or bribe
wear a helmet
while riding a bike
Never talk on phone
while you drive
never Cross A road
While signal is red
Wait for your turn
As it is always said
Not much time
it will take take to be green
You are an adult
don't behave like a teen
Zig zag divining
Donkeys do
You are not donkey
Are you a donkey
It is up to you
Never mix drive and drink
Or your life will shrink
My originals
Wrote for my daughter
Aastha Nagi
V class
1 Dec 2019