Thursday 21 January 2016

surest remedy to nip in the bud most of the deadly disease

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          Surest remedy to nip in the bud most of the deadly diseases

           Today  i am going to tell you best surest simplest and cheapest possible  solution for all of your diseases to nip them in the bud,,It was practiced by millions of Indians everyday 30 to 40 years before,, but a well planned medicine mafia removed that thing from our lives so as to make us their bulk consumers of the medicines (drugs) which we never ever expected and wished,,,,,In other words we can saaay those medicines and commodities have been imposed on us forcibly,,,,,,,,,,,and the most sarcastic thing is now they sell us those free available things to us but in the wrappers,,,,the real ,required.necessary,ingredients are only 10% in those things,,,  here is the root of our beginning of diseases,,,,,,, insufficient ingredients   make us ill we have to complete a vicious circle to get those ingredient to kill the disease ,,,,and we have to buy those ingredients again from them in the wrappers  again they sell us 10% ingredients at high price and are made fool again ,,,,this happens again and again and keeps on happening till we die or lose and they win 
                to be continued


                astro            jyotish        coaching               kid's story            Best home remedies

          Eat root      1000bc
           root will cure you
          and prayer to God

   in 1850Ad : the prayer is superstition
   drink this potion

    in 1940 Ad: This potion is snake oil take
    this pill

   in 19845 Ad: This pill is ineffective
   take antibiotic

    IN 2000 AD: this antibiotic is creating
    very harmful effects in body


Man is a creature  composed of millions of cells
;A microbe is composed of only one cell yet
throughout the ages the two have been in ceaseless