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ovarian cysts

ovarian cysts 

The problem of ovarian cysts are increasing day by day ,
Ovarian cysts are mostly  harmless and have no clear symptoms. in most of the cases  
Ovarian cysts  dissolve on their own, but sometimes, Ovarian cysts might be  a great trouble and uneasiness Ovarian cysts may burst and cause great  pain, with   bleeding & medical emergency then remains only option left

According to doctors, 
Ovarian cysts, which come in notice  during a woman’s reproductive years,  it has been noted that Ovarian cysts are rarely  cause  cancer, but some of them might  become the reason of Ovarian cysts cancer with passage of  time, especially after menopause.

 According to the The World Health Organisation , India has  about 11.9 cases of ovarian cancer per 100,000 females.

Ovarian cysts that become cancerous in rare cases becomes the main reason  cancer-related fatalities among women in the world.In some  cases Ovarian cysts may  be harmful and cause symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and intense pain in the pelvis. it may  rupture, resulting in internal bleeding in the pelvis,” said Dr. Seema Sehgal, Director, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CK Birla Hospital.

How are cysts formed?

Ovaries, are very small organs located deep within the pelvis & are responsible for growing eggs, within a sac or follicle. An egg is released from its sac into one of the  Fallopian tubes during ovulation. After that, the sac gets  dissolved at its own . 

What are the Early signs of ovarian cysts to take care .

 Like noncancerous ovarian cysts, cancerous Ovarian cysts tumors usually cause no or  minor symptoms at first. 
such Ovarian cysts are usually hard to feel, 
even during a physical checkup, so it  becomes  difficult to detect early-stage ovarian or  Ovarian cysts cancer. 
Ovarian cysts cancer signs and symptoms o are:
Constant pain in the pelvic area If someone is  experiencing dull but constant pain in the pelvic area, it  can be a Ovarian cysts  causing trouble. Pelvic pain is a common symptom seen with ovarian cysts.   According to doctors The treatment,  really depends on factors  as the size, type, and severity of the  Ovarian cysts cysts, as well as the individual's symptoms and overall health.

Painful intercourse
       sexual intercourse become painful as the   ovarian cysts grows and put pressure on uterus  and pelvic area and on bladder ,may cause increase  peeing frequency and feeling  urgency  always,bladder does not become complete free ,ovarian cysts also interrupts the normal flow of urine.


Ovarian cysts often cause abdominal bloating & fullness  feeling continuously near  menstrual cycle. do see your  doctor if you feel like   bloating most of the time ,it is also a sign of many other  problems.

Irregular periods

If suffer from irregular periods,   it may be ovarian cysts that  alters the normal hormonal balance, and  changes the menstrual cycle.  can cause  missed periods, heavier or lighter bleeding than usual, irregular periods,or prolonged periods.


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