Sunday 29 November 2015

surest home remedy to quit smoking and drinking

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   surest simplest best tested and trusted home remedies                             to quit smoking and drinking
9811351049                                                                                                                                                                                                           we all know the bad effects of smoking and drinking,yet some out of us drink and smoke, or our nears and dears  smoke and drink ,and we see them doing this but find helpless ourselves,we try  to take them away from this habit, and what happens ,the more we stop them the more we find them indulging in that bad habit, we take them  to the doctors,or get them admitted in some   
rehabilitation centre  for months or years,or give them some medicines ,all these practices  work for some  days ,and again we find ourselves at the same place where we started from ,all in vein,prayers seem not reaching the heaven (GOD),exorcism( झाड़-फूँक ) also not work

                                                                to be continued

     astro            jyotish        coaching               kid's story            Best home remedies

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