Friday 27 November 2015

surest Home remedies to cure pneumonia

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  Surest Simplest Best Tested and Trusted Home Remedies
                                               to cure Pneumonia                                  9811351049

  1. If you come to know that pneumonia has taken you in its grip ,and you are feeling like dying while breathing,  you must consult as soon as possible to your doctor and simultaneously you must take these home remedies at the earliest as these are totally harmless and much more effective than pills  and injections ,these home  remedies alone can cure ,but today's men has no patience, and lower quality of food and environment and every time use of medicines has effected our immunity to a    large extent ,and also so called doctors  and their prescribed tests for every, even minute diseases  has made every person psychologically very weak.   ,,,,,and the good thing is we can take all  these home remedies with medicines without any fear.
  2. Take 10 to 12 basil leaves very few (5 to 7) black pepper ,one small piece of ginger and make using these three things a tasty tea and relish this tea two times a day for five days, 
  3. If you don't like tea than make decoction of one liter water and above said things and sip it in a day for five days.

  4. Take steam two to three times a day in an open container 
  5. Take mustard oil or til ka oil (sesame oil and carom) ajwain ,,,little oil say 1/4 of small boil put carom in it and boil it and leave it to cool,, after this miraculous oil gets cooled apply and rub with strong hands on effected portion as many times as possible,to get relief as soon as possible,this miraculous oil can be used for any kind of pain 
  6.  To improve immunity ,take juices of vegetables like spinach,cucumber ,beet root,carrot ,take as much fluid as you can take ,you can also make soup of all these vegetables, these juices and vegetables provide necessary nutrients to the body and enhance immunity,help to expel troubling cough and toxins outside
  7. Take a 200 ml lukewarm water  add 1/2 of  tea spoon salt in it ,stir it well and gargle with it 3 to 4 times a day .
  8. Hopefully you would throw away pneumonia earlier than you expected.
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