Friday 16 June 2023

what is throuple relationship


what is throuple relationship

when three people live together such a relationship is called throuple relation ship,Throuple word originated from triple and couple,in such a relation ship three people live together like not couples but triples ,with great mutual understating,trend of throuple is increasing in many countries.for some it may be a great awkward type relationship,but it is increasing.

those who accept to live in such a throuple relationship accept that they will live under one roof like couple,two men one woman,or one man two women,

such a relationships have become the hot talk of the world these days .they live like couples .there are no specific guidelines in such a relationship,just three people decide to live together like couples,they just decide to live in deep relation . this is the only necessary rule in throuple relationship.

there might be some pros and cons of such relationships,

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