How to combine two or more videos using windows moviemaker.

                   How to combine two or more videos using windows movie maker.

1.     First of all open all programs.
select and click  windows movie maker


                                       on import video, 


3. it will ask you to select the videos you want to combine,,,go to your folder where you have kept your videos to be combined ,for example i made a folder in which i placed the two videos which i wanted to combine and I named this folder combine videos


                               4.Now select the video you want at start,mean in the beginning

                               5. It will be in your movie shown below

                                   6. now drag it to the time line you can see below the blue line 

               7. now again go to import videos and select and click the second video you want                                                           to combine with   your first video

                                                 will appear like this ,

                                        9.   now drag it to the time line after the first video

             10.   it will appear like this ,now click on first of 3rd (finish movie)option save video to my                                                                           computer

                                             11, now click on next that is below the page

                                     12. it will ask where you want to save your video 

                                       13 .I will suggest,,,choose same folder from where you have 
                                                taken clips,as it is easy to search afterward 
                                                                   and click next again

                                                 14. It will start saving your video 

                      finish or you can play combined video in movie maker also

                                                        16. you have done the job 


                                     THANKS FOR WATCHING MY BLOG 

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